Dec. 16th, 2008

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school is killing me. i will stop talking about it shortly.

this is just a note to say i'm an idiot. ;) 4 300-levels next semester (more poetry, more french, black psychology, and linguistics), which can only mean i'm gonna have a rough semester. over-ambitious, i'm sure.

i researched two separate things yesterday: living in san francisco, and how to get certified as an interpreter. what i learned was i'll have to make a helluva lot more money to live out there. and that i have to finish college, then have two years of work as an interpreter before i can join some certification associations.

on a brighter note, though, me and my cousin are gonna open a joint checking account so that we can save up for our move in 2010, or our next vacation. we found an international bank that has low fees (as we won't be direct depositing checks so much as automatic transfers of X amount to the account) and banks in 75 countries.

that being said, i'm not terribly fond of her as a traveling partner, but i will say that she's pretty reliable. i need someone with me that makes me feel a little better about myself (which she does, cause even though i'm anti-social, she's worse) and that's enough like me to stop me from getting homesick.

i need to move, though. i keep running through my mind and there's nothing like coming to the realization that everyone else's house is more like home than home. i always feel more relaxed when i'm somewhere other than my house. must mean i need to get away. maybe if i get called up for air traffic control or something... craigslist has jobs up in frisco. maybe i just need to get there and get a job.
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life @ 23
Chapter 6: 22

sophie to daniel, unsent letter )

sophie to daniel, letter )

daniel to sophie, letter )

daniel to sophie, email )

sophie to daniel, letter )

daniel to sophie, email )

sophie to daniel, email )

Text To: Sophie 001-###-###-####
Text From: Daniel 01144##########
Why shouldn’t you believe it?
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seriously? sheppard and an astrobiologist? that's laughable.

as is woolsey's BSG moment. ugh.

and, even better?? reavers.

did the atlantis writers just get lazy??

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