May. 18th, 2009

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i know i said i was considering it. not you know... terribly well, but considering it.

so last night, i was looking over financial aid and whatnot, considering that now i'm back in good standing. so i won't get KEES money anymore. i took too long and it runs out 8 semesters after high school.... (way to get your grades up too late for that, bud) and then i started seeing a whole bunch of other stuff. TEACH grants, minority teacher recruitment, etc. all for teaching in underprivileged schools in high-need fields.

so i check. yep. french is a high need field.

and, yes, JCPS is a low income school system. SCORE. i ain't even gotta move. (well, i want to, but i don't have to.)

not to mention they have alt.certification for folks who go in and work in the school system where there's a need, and then still go for their teaching certification. so not only will i be working in the school system i grew up in, i'll be working in a high-need field, helping kids who grew up poor like me as church mice.

my only downfalls are the following:

  • i hate homework. if i become a teacher, it'll be nothing but homework. not to mention the 2+ years of grad school that will be just as full of homework.

  • i hate waking up early. and whaddya know? school is nothing *but* waking up early. ugh. if i had a car, less trouble, but still. i took off the second day of school simply because my body couldn't take two days in a row of early call. imagine having to do so because i got paid to do so.

  • two more years of school. i could go and do something in those two years. like be a better christian. fall in love. travel the world. something. anything.

  • not to mention the money.

yeah. so that may be the reason i don't do that. but goodness. you know what i mean? there's opportunity in the wings, y'all.

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