Oct. 28th, 2010

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i'm going to go for this a second time! lj idol is pretty cool. i love all the writers.

i promise not to be a debbie downer at y'all. :)

So. Yes. This is my formal announcement of participation. go season 7!
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it's been a year of living dangerously.

my life previously consisted of nothing but quiet. life at home with the parents. school, work, etc. a little travel. but nothing else, really.

then this year.... this year, there was the flumonia for january. the crazy D/s relationship in february. falling in love and getting too close to someone whose heart i broke and who broke mine in return. then.... a month of flirting insanely with dozens of wrong guys. falling back in love with someone i'd waited for years... only to have my heart shattered again because he was a coward. i lived dangerously, recklessly under my parents' radar.

i got myself into one bad situation after another. and through it all, i kept foolishly going along, believing that... someone out there actually loved me back and wanted me. that there was something good out there. so i gave up things precious to me and now i sit at the end of a year of living dangerously and all i have to show for it are long stares into the distance and a map of scars inside where i used to be whole.

it's a shame i'm so reckless with my heart.

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