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so, i scared myself to death because guess who found some 'mysterious 3 hours' that she didn't know she needed to take? *raises hand* and keeps getting confused about the level of social/behavioral science classes she needs to take? *raises other hand*


back when i did this long ass two year plan, i was fresh off the advising farm, and full of optimism.

then, two weeks later, i recalculated and found that my spreadsheet was wrong and i'd need another elective in there somewhere. *cue pulling of hair* so i recalculated. and again.

and today i fixed my spreadsheet so that the math was right. and wrote it out by hand to make sure i hadn't done something retarded with the counting of classes. UofL sucks when it comes to what the program requirements are and what cross-counts and and.... yeah, my brain hurts a little. because we have the following breakdown:

gen ed:
arts, 3 hours
humanities, 3 hours
math, 3 hours
science, 3 hours
science with lab, 4 hours
communication, 3 hours
history, 3 hours
social/behavioral, 6 hours
written communication, 6 hours

arts and science program:
gen 101, 1 hour
foreign language, 12 hours
social/behavioral, 6 hours

and then it breaks off into the major. but this is the point where it's also sticky. apparently 3 of the 6 hours in my program requirements are taken care of in my major. ok. which means my history is taking care of my 300 level SB requirement. i think. and there's 2 required cultural diversity classes, one focused on america and one focused on teh world. again, taken care of. i think.

if-- based on what i understand of the above-- is true, the only requirement i have left is my arts credit.
which is a good thing.

here's the major breakdown:
french 320-322, 331, 332, 455, 523, 524, 590
french 300 elective
french 500 elective

hist 351 (my SB 300 credit, i assume)

humanities electives 300 level or above, 15 hours (anything considered humanities, including english)
humanities 59_, 3 hours in which i pick a cultural period to study)

any electives, 14 hours

all told, that's 121 hours and graduation. so far, if i pass everything, i'll have 74 hours by the end of this semester.

here's what i have left to do:
arts, 3 hours
french 331, 332, 455, 523, 524, 590--18 hours
french 500 elective, 3 hours
hum 59_, 3 hours
hum 300 electives, 12 hours
electives, 5 hours

next semester, i plan on taking 1 french class, 1 humanities elective, 1 elective (my confusing SB 300 credit), and one class that's in the air, as i'm continually vacillating on this other class. i think it'll be another elective, or another humanities elective. whatever way it goes, i'm taking full schedules from here on out.

god, this hurts my brain. i'd love for this to be simple. i've even done color-coded spreadsheets to work it all out. for all intents and purposes, i'll be ok to graduate in 2010, as (sorta) planned. i still have no clue how i'm going about it, but you know. one does what one must, yeah?

on the bright side, hey! i've done a lot more than i expected. i killed off pretty much anything easy and am now stuck with all my hard classes.

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