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now complete. had plans to use a sestina or two, but it was too circular.

Queen Mab

The mad leader of the shadowed queue
Mab-- the muse of adventurous sense--
Dance to the war drums' fast tattoo
Strong-arming sleeper's obedience
Thus, from chaos, seeds of order hew--
The dreamer's final recompense.

I. Night
I’m kept awake in darkness, then--
The quiet breaths of sleeping men
Disrobed of armor for the night,
Alert again at dawn’s first light--
Fearing traps beyond my ken.

Lying in this bedarkened den
Where attacks will come-- I know not when
My brothers, also trained to fight,
Will make their kill.

The best in training salles will win.
But once the walls start to darken
From sun and sun falling from sight
My once-brave heart turns quick to fright.
Nighttime won’t make the pulse quicken
Quite like death will.

II. A Message
One could call this the end of the enemy, and of the war,
His life draining out at the point of a slave’s knife
A message and an answer to his challenge over lands.

One could call this the beginning of a reign of peace,
Where no competitor can stand against the majesty of a man
A trainer of slaves to become his assassins.

One could say all these things, if only the enemy hadn’t spoken first.

III. Bones
I roll my dice to decide each day
A contagious tick, my brothers’ vice
To answer whether to go or stay
I roll my dice

It makes my decisions so precise
Counting spots on bones to find the way
Asking gods of luck for their advice

When asking for the ultimate price
I’ll roll bones, not stop to question twice
Though even my master I could betray
I roll my dice

IV. History
What one calls slavery, another calls protection.
What one calls heresy, another calls the truth.
What one calls treachery, another calls revolution.

One man’s slave becomes another man’s tool of retribution.

V. Day
My eyes burn from bright desert sand
Stinging grains bypassing a hand
Defending that which was held dear
Whose fall from favor is seen here
As against my lord, I now stand

How clear to now see this wasteland
Made crueler by my master's hand
They’ll soon carry his destined bier
My final kill

It’s my duty to break command
Give brothers the chance to disband
The right to freedom to appear
For those who've lived their lives in fear
A god finally come unmanned
If it's fate's will

Queen Mab dances on the dreamer’s eyes
Invites them to dine at her table
‘Til dawn’s light comes and away she flies
Leaving her victims well unstable.
To make it clear, the dreamer vies,
Yet always proves to be unable.

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