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Something that has always puzzled me all my life is why, when I am in special need of help, the good deed is usually done by somebody on whom I have no claim. ~William Feather

talk about being in need of special help... ugh.

ok, i've been whining about this on twitter ALL FREAKING DAY so why not add it to my journal too!?!?

we're working on group projects in my french civilization class. it's rough work, you know? we're all adults and most of us go to school while we're working and caring for more important things. like, i dunno, family. and while i don't ask for much, i do ask that when i'm forced to work in a group (*holds up sign that says "does not play well with others"*), i expect that you're putting forth at least a similar amount of effort as i am. or more, because i'm deceptively simple.

so. i had a partner at the beginning of the semester. she dropped out after three weeks and i was saddled with a new partner to talk about the napoleonic code. and you know, i was a little intimidated because, woah, this guy spent a year and a half in france and in a french university. i? have so much in the way of struggles to remember to speak french in french class, let alone outside of it. so. yeah. a little intimidated.

but, you know me. i'm real laid back and cool until i start freaking out. so we friended each other on facebook and i made sure i contacted him about meeting to discuss the project. it was 12 weeks into the semester before we'd have to present, so we had time.

cut to 6 weeks ago where i've done a dabbling in research and have a general idea and am trying to nail this fool down on at least a direction on the project. no response.

cut to 3 weeks ago where, after i've sent him maybe an email a week asking for a reply, i finally lay down the law and flail a bit because if i don't get a reply, i'm reporting him to my professor. he replies, just as i get my wisdom teeth taken out and i can't speak clearly for a week. BITCH. this is also where i find out that i have 2 other oral presentations/exams due the same week as my group project. DOUBLE BITCH.

but whatever. we make an appointment for 2 weeks ago after i've done some AWESOME research to get the bare bones and to make sure we know who's doing what. we break it up and i'm covering what's involved in the code and he's covering the history of it, a general overview, and what it influenced. if we get it all together, i'll do the powerpoint and we'll hash out the handout thereafter. GOOD STUFF.

only, hey. he waits until monday to get started on anything. why? the weekend where he promised to send me his shit? something came up. what, i still don't know. but. something came up. plus he blows off class. i'm REALLY FREAKING OUT NOW, Y'ALL because our presentation?? is wednesday. the 11th. of november. and he's still not sending me anything on the 9th of november. THE NINTH.

whatever. i'm a professional. i've got the powerpoint all laid out and i'm talking about three codes that comprise the CN and he's going to cover some of the other 2 codes i can't be bothered to find more articles on. *ahem*

cut to 5 pm TUESDAY. "can you send me a ppt version instead of a pptx version? i haven't updated to office 07, but i've finished the first part of what i'm talking about." great. "and those things you researched aren't part of the code; they're tangential. you would've known this if you hadn't just looked at wikipedia. see, look at this french wikipedia link for proof that i'm right. just redo your research and send me what you've got so i can check the spelling and everything before we present." (note, not his actual words, but the gist is the same)

the fuck? did you just procrastinate all the way up until LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE THE PRESENTATION, and then proceed to denigrate my researching skills and my knowledge of french all in one email?? NO. FUCK THAT.

i know i look like just another dumb, fat, black american girl who couldn't possibly know how to work the internet and am only in that class for a french minor or some shit... but do you even know who i am?? let me break it down for you.

not only did that link he sent me verify that i was correct, i've got at least 3 other websites about the CN that verify it: the CN encompasses a series of law codifications including the civil code, civil procedure code, commercial code, criminal procedure code and the penal code over the course of a decade. reputable sources that are devoted to all things napoleon. tell me i'm wrong again. tell me i only looked up wiki links.

and i also know how to change the language of a document's spell check, and i know how to use a dictionary. spelling mistakes?? yeah, i'm totally incapable of using what's available to me to make sure i know how to spell correctly. clearly my 14 years of studying french have just been a fluke.

i must be a goddamned supergirl, too. why? because, unlike my partner, i did all this WHILE STILL WORKING MY JOB AND GOING TO SCHOOL. and having surgery on my mouth. this jerk hasn't finished his research yet and he DOESN'T HAVE A JOB. i bet he doesn't have a sick mother who relies on him for simple procedures either (standing, sitting, scooting back in a chair, putting a headset on, eating, going to the bathroom... need i continue??). you know who does? I FUCKING DO, OK?

so you can see i'm understandably upset. my presentation's in 12 hours or so. and i still don't have a finished product. only two good things have happened at all this week, only one of which i had a hand in. i got a 100 on my first oral presentation (poetry recitation in french) on monday because an old professor taught me how to do so for a competition in middle school.

the other thing was some facebook backup by a friend of my brother's. i was getting lectured on my faith vs. homeschooling (if i truly believed we were living in the time of the end, then why would i say that homeschooling was a bad thing?), and dude backed me up by reminding the lecturer that our timetable is not Jah's, so we have to prepare for all eventualities. including one where this girl's daughter graduates high school and has to enter the workforce. she'll have to face faith issues eventually, so public school may be her best option. better now than later, right??

anyway. dude was awesome on backing me up... and i can't even claim him as my own.
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