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Nov. 29th, 2010 12:38 am
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Hey anyone who reads this journal. Sorry about that whole... LJ Idol bail I pulled. I forgot my dates so much, and didn't get my head in the game. I had an idea for Week 2 that just... didn't work out right. Then I completely blanked and didn't remember to write anything for the next two topics. Life has a strange way of getting in the way right when you need it not to.

November must just be my Fail Month. November is my birthday, so I tell myself that 24 was the Year of Living Dangerously; 25 must be the Year to Be Drunk, Always. Baudelaire wants me to embrace my inner lush. That was going well for me... until old drama returned. Until I found myself in old habits again. Until, like this weekend, I found myself in someone else's bed after a really, really good time, wondering whether now would be a good time to put my pants back on and if anyone can smell his cigarettes on me when I get to where I was supposed to be all along.

November is NaNoWriMo, so I write... precisely 1100 words of a novel that I've been kicking around in my head all year. The premise is good, I think -- everyone needs a Western from time to time. Faery getting involved is just bonus. I have it all sorted in my head. I just can't bring myself to focus enough to write it. Life getting in the way, as I said before. So even all the prompting communities that I have stored up (mini_nanowrimo, brigits_flame, origfic_bingo, etc), I only have a little bit written, and almost nothing to show for it.

And even for the holidays I don't celebrate, for the days at work where everyone's disappeared to say goodbye to a guy that I don't really think I met... I'm still here, entryless and trying to figure out if anyone is really paying attention out there in the ether, or if I'm like a tree falling in the forest with no one to hear.

So much for the Year to Be Drunk, Always. Somehow, I seem to have traded my alcohol back for furtive touches and a lack of purpose, for secret relationships and a lack of sleep. I hear bad decisions offer up good stories later on, at least.
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spn tropes i *love*:
  • jess as a pagan... or at least not *strictly* christian. i like the idea that sam, despite wanting to be away from his dad and hunting and wanting a *normal* life, still would pick a girl that is acquainted with more than sunday christianity. it would also mean that sam's protections could still be partly in place (pentagrams, devil's traps, salt lined sills, etc),
  • sam not having lost hunter's instincts at stanford. i mean, that's a loophole that shoulda been worked out. and has, in fic. but still. just cause he left the job doesn't mean that he doesn't still keep his skills up some. that'd be foolish.
  • dean as sekritly smart. ok, this was shown on Show, but it bears repeating. this guy put the impala back together from nothing, and made an EMF from a Walkman. he can quote the Odyssey and still crack pop culture references. he's my awesome secret smart guy. it's not that he's incapable of research, nor that he doesn't like it. he just has a facade, and it's easier to put it off on sam.
  • bobby = watchtower. you need a man with the research on the most obscure things out there? he's got it. this is the guy who spoke japanese to end that one spirity/demonic/whatever that was causing so much fear.
  • lucifer's fall was all about loving god too much... which i'm taking to mean that michael is jealous and that's why there's so much rivalry. which makes me a blasphemer to high heaven, but still...

Show makes the boys very utilitarian rather than specialized, which i guess works alright. gotta have your in somehow. who was fond of gordon walker when he came on the scene? too specialized, which made him crazy. still... i love seeing the boys learn new things and put them into use. the enochian in the cabin, for one. they still make stupid mistakes (dean selling his soul??) but it's for the best reasons. (road to hell? paved with good intentions)

using the [livejournal.com profile] philosophy_20 fanfic table for help in writing. so far i've got most of the ideas linked together. need to be able to write at least 500 words for each topic. plus words that link them all together. (this is why i miss daily prompts. mini_wrimo did wonders for my writing last year...) have 8 scenes to plot out with it still, then linking them with the rest. should probably just go with the flow and see what happens between here and there, but it's important to figure things out.
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snippet for good little kiddies )

just crossed into the actual plot at 5500 words. WIN.

should warn for language, religiosity and geekery, i'm sure. :D
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for my own info )
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I HATE THIS. so i'm looking for some kind of logic or something to my research. and i'm *just* realizing that there are no parallel lines when it comes to legend.

point: for the wild hunt, there's a variety of leaders that range from the legend to the supernatural. so there's a possibility for it to be a real character from history, or a god. or something.

point: in welsh mythology, gwynn ap nudd, god of the underworld, rides at the head of cwn anwnn, the hounds of anwnn. thus, the wild hunt = reaping souls for the underworld. which, basically true for ALL of the wild hunt mythos.

this is where it gets tricky. in irish myth, the head of the hunt is (maybe) fionn mac cumhaill, a real character from history who was the last leader of the Fianna, the standing army for the high king (peter! i mean, sorry. too much narnia in my life right now...).

OR. it's mannanan, son of lir (the sea god) who rides at the front of the Fairy cavalcade (marcradh shiodha). which, ok... i can deal with that and the tuatha de danann because faery = otherworld = underworld. fae = harbingers of death. yay! except where marcradh shiodha also means the children of lir, who were turned into swans in myth. um, swans =/= hellhounds. ever. i mean, in the legend? the children of lir die after 900 years. so the likelihood of them being the soul reapers... low. like not at all on the scale.

so, now i have to work around Sean O'Neill's Lear-esque death (heh, lir = lear, did you know?) and figure out how to get cwn anwnn to = marcradh shiodha. somehow.

also a wrench in the works: lir was fighting nuada (maybe) for rulership of the tuatha de danann (faery, otherworld, as you will). and nuada (airgetlam, thus aragorn, clearly. hahah) paralells with gwynn ap nudd's father (nudd llaw eraint).


so if tuatha de danann = gods made to live in the sidhe mounds (that is, leaders of the fae), sidhe (mounds) = tir na nog = otherworld = underworld, and lir = nudd, then mannanan = gwynn ap nudd atd the marcradh shiodha = cwn anwnn, because marcradh shiodha = fairy host = the sluagh. WIN. ok. so that took far too much interconnection to work, sure. but now it MAKES SENSE.

here's the current: bit )
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some untidy bullety thoughts about "this mortal coil" (which, hey, new nano = new tag, y/y?). don't mind me. it's mostly housekeeping anyway.
  • sean o'neill? is that just way too easy a name? i feel like a guy living in 16th century ireland, a victim of the 9 yrs war, should definitely have a more... authentic (? is that even the right word here? that's like a 'white' substitute for 'ethnic' isn't it?) or at least time appropriate name. maybe actual gaelic, not that anyone would be paying attention to that.
    • side note: this totally means, though, that for a portion of the novel i'll get to use all that research i did on irish gaelic for my old baby [livejournal.com profile] xsintrickx . YES. (totally not a plug for one of my boring old RP characters. i always feel as if i've shafted him somehow, even if he did get the happy i would strive for--fiancee, college degree, boats and dancing...)
  • so the beginning is all Braveheart-esque, followed up with a drunken 17th century King Lear type sendoff (crazy, collapses, dies) into the Wild Hunt (Ghost Riders in the Sky). FFwd to late 1800s, and we meet current hero(?) Joe Stoddard. (hah, average joe?) joe gets your typical western.
  • i'm almost entirely sure that sean will reappear as the voice: "cowboy, change your ways today, or with us you will ride trying to catch the devil's herd across these endless skies."
  • possibility for redemption?? for both, i mean.
  • did you know that a western is possibly the WORST worst choice of novel ever?
  • thinking of putting stoddard in the 1875 time period, disillusioned with the fight against the lakota. maybe some officers took advantage of the love of his life? rape and murder.
    • hey. no one liked pinkertons. besides, they got paid ridiculously and they must've been some mean sumbiches.

that's at least the start of my thinkiness. i have the vague notion. just not enough to write anything as yet. it may be because i'm dying of wisdom toothache right now that i can't think anymore.

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even outside of becoming a "disciple" of LKH (i swear my sluagh and sidhe are so so so different from hers, she couldn't possibly claim any credit... well, unless she claims credit for mythos creation)... there's this whole other thing for me.

i really, really, really wanna be published. i'm not sure *why* but i kinda do. i don't even think i'm all that fancy of a writer. :(

anyway. there's contests and stuff and i guess i'll have to make myself submit to deadlines (woe) and just... do what i'm supposed to do.

i'm gonna end up reworking La Nuit (Amoureux si c’était hier…) and Même si j'ai tort into one longer story (5K words, if i'm to submit it in some other places). but i mean... i just went online and clicked a bunch of online journals. maybe i'll get published, maybe i won't. i should definitely stop writing fanfiction though.
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clean up posts with new tags. really.

new tags include this one: housekeeping.

can't use tags as an archive when you're not using tags properly.

also, title each entry, for god's sake.

no new writing as yet. should probably pull from current journal if i've got stuff around. on communities too. go, therefore, and review all comments. i'm pretty sure i've crossposted stuff that never made it onto this journal. that i'm almost entirely sure i saved to my hard drive. i hope. and not just comment fic either. (god, i guess that dreamwidth code may come in handy?)

on the plus side, at least i'm catching up on fanfic. will soon post more Terminator:Salvation fic, some Star Trek XI fic, and some more general fic. not close to finished yet, but promise to post some (if not all) before i head off to Poland in july.
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Alex posted this too... but I add it here. HEARTBREAK )

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And that was just second period. Here’s fourth.
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Wowee. That's a lot of stuff. But... if it's been read before... then I apologize. But here's where I plan to put all my writing stuff from now on.

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