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so, did i mention rizado waved at me yesterday? i'm sitting at lunch with lacey and he walks by, fiddling with some headphones.... so we're still chattingh and when i look again, he's turned and waving. i wave back and bye bye rizado, he walks out of the building.

now, normally, i wouldn't bother mentioning it, but i felt this one deserved it. cause i haven't talked to him for a year. so i miss having classes with him and pomme. they were funny. ALL THE TIME. even if pomme was all annoying questions and all that.... and rizado was the quiet drummer (no one suspects the drummer) who gave smiles and liked good music.

cause... yeah. they're fun.

alas, i'm sick. and tired. sick and tired and coughing and lonely. i'm still waiting to hear from john (jc's no longer mine. apparently he's taken...) and miami (which, even if he isn't mine, ami means friend so he is mi ami[go])... both of which are supposed to be writing me a letter or at least an email.

and i miss my sister-a-country-removed. she's too busy all the time.

all being said, i'm still going to virginia beach this summer. we're in Palacious, which is on the bay/canal end. a block or so from the beach. yay! and it's so pretty! i'll be swimming and fishing and swimming and lounging... screw hanging with family. there's all kinds of stuff too... pool, billiards, foosball, air hockey, and three floors...

i can't wait.

and now... to go back to england for a week or two...

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