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Part 4:

the battle with the heart isn't easily won )


all's well that ends well )
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enablelove's wank meme (supernatural centric)

jensen )

sam )

sam and dean )
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by the smell of it, misha's pretty sure that it's a pumpkin muffin at his seat in the makeup trailer with a lone candle sticking out. which is strange, considering how fast food goes on this set and how early it really is to be having anything remotely associated with fire going. ass o'clock is far from the right time to handle fire.

"you gonna blow it out or what, man? all that wax'll get in your muffin," jensen rasps from across the trailer. misha turns to him, his question showing in his eyes. jensen smiles sweetly before closing his eyes and letting the girls get back to work. "happy birthday, man. sorry it wasn't a cupcake, but we'll make it up to you later."

"we?" misha asks softly before quietly blowing out the candle. he's ready to launch into some kind of offbeat diatribe about ring shaped cakes and idolatry and worshiping at the shrine of misha just as he considers the rest of jensen's sentence. "how later?"

he hears a chuckle, too sly for words. "can't tell. you're welcome to guess."

misha stares at him questioningly, examining his lazy sprawl for answers and suspicions. "i'm up for anything that doesn't involve babies and ritual sacrifice, unless the sacrifice is of ponies."

jensen laughs. "then you'll love what i've got planned." the girls let him up from the chair just before they gesture misha down. jensen brushes by with a grin, leaving misha alone to contemplate what plans he has in store for the night.
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you're looking at the runner up with 19 prompts in 12 fandoms. HOLLA ATCHER GIRL.

doctor who, doctor/master, the beauty in destruction 1 )

x-men, feral!Wolverine/Gambit, "killer" isn't the right word, but it's the first word that comes to mind. 2 )

dr. horrible, hammer/horrible, evil has a nice tight ass
warning: non-con/dub con here....3 )

dr horrible, penny/horrible and hammer, did you boys really think i was *that* dumb? 4 )

torchwood, jack/ianto, meeting his family for the first time
spoilers for Children of Earth, though i'm taking some license with it. 5 )

criminal minds, morgan/garcia, admitting their feelings for the first time 6 )

torchwood, rhys/gwen, first child
spoilers for Children of Earth. 7 )

SPN, Dean/Castiel, Dean finds RPS written about his and Cas' actors ... 8 )

SPN, Sam and Dean gen or slash, one brother suffers amnesia and the other has to remind him of who they are 9 )

spn, sam/dean, kissing it better
wee!chesters ahoy! 10 )

Kings, David/Jack, Silas decides to neutralize David's threat by marrying him to Jack 11 )

CWRPS, Jeff/virgin!Jensen, caught experimenting 12 )

Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, I almost had you 13 )

SPN, Dean/Castiel, kissing lessons 14 )

X-Men, Pyro/Iceman, "Some people never change." 15 )

Wolverine Origins, James/Victor, Victor always needs attention after he's been killing people 16 )

Chronicles of Narnia, Edmund/Caspian, first kiss 17 )

American Idol, Adam/Kris, first time Kris takes the lead 18 )

American Idol, Adam/Kris, first time with a guy 19 )

that's over 4K of commentfic. and i came in second!! woo.

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iron man, tony/rhodey, dog tags
1 )

smallville, clark/lex, thin line between love and hate
2 )

iron man (movie verse), tony/rhodey, handy
3 )

star trek enterprise, archer/tucker/t'pol, first contact
4 )

rps jared/sandy, both crossdress, pegging
5 )

rps, jeff/misha/jensen, kinky competition, jeff v. misha
6 )

rpf, jeff/misha/author's choice (jensen), "you're dating who?"
7 )

rps, jared/author's choice (jensen), you look like you're trying to be wolverine
8 )

rps, jared/jensen, "do something, do something... not that, not that!" (the mummy)
9 )

rps, jensen/misha, can only speak in song lyrics
10 )

rps, jared/sandy, pegging
11 )

rps, chris/steve/jensen/jared, morning after
12 )

rps, jared/jensen, you smell like sweets
13 )

rps, jared & jensen, last summer when they'd both finished their movies and they agreed to meet up in texas
14 )

rps, chris pine/zach quinto, "i want to taste you"
15 )

rps, chris pine/zachary quinto, breathplay
16 )

rps, hugh jackman/liev schreiber/taylor kitsch, introductions
18 )
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for the J2!Domesticity meme over @ comment_away
J2, Jared/Jensen, laundry day )

J2, jared/Jensen, planting a garden )

J2, Jared/Jensen, bedskirts and paint chips )

for comment_fic
Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, service )

Eragon, Murtagh/Eragon, blood )

for laura, more Smith/Wesson Law School AU )
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the continuing weekend romp of Jess Suethor and Jensen Ackles: A Mary Sue in Paris.

Part Two: )
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The knock sounds on his door shortly after 3 am, when he’s just been able to really get into whatever dream he was having about Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck and a tube of sunblock. It doesn’t stop, even when he tries to ignore it. He grumbles curses as he gets up, pulling on glasses and riding that fine line between asleep and awake.

“Yeah?” he asks, peering through one eye to the dark suited man with the dark glasses standing at his door.

“Jensen Ackles?”

He quirks an eyebrow, ready to slam his door shut if whoever this is doesn’t get to the point. “Yes, I’m Jensen. What?”

“The President requests your presence on his daily run.” The monotone of the man in front of him is laughable and Jensen can’t hide his snort. “You have 20 minutes to get prepared. He does not have a long window for this exercise.”

Jensen’s jaw drops as he realizes the Secret Service agent is serious. He closes his eyes briefly, rubbing at the beginning of a headache. There’s no way it’s possible. All he did was work on the guy’s website during his campaign.

Jensen grinned and pulled his sweater down. January hadn’t been the warmest month in Texas, but that didn’t stop him from being glad at coming to work today. He’d been working on Tristan Padalecki’s bid for the presidency from the moment a friend of a friend had talked about his webmastering skills. Padalecki had signed him on, sight unseen, based on the caliber of work in his online profile. Sometimes, Jensen was glad he handed out hundreds of those business cards with his resume website on it.

Today, Padalecki was supposed to be taking time out to meet with him about some new features he’d like to implement and Jensen wanted to put his best foot forward. It’s not everyday that you get to meet the future President of the United States.
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so. back in the day (like... a few months ago?), i wrote a really, really awful mary-sue piece that had me meeting jensen ackles in paris (this was before jared got engaged and then dis-engaged) and having some kind of sex marathon weekend. yes, i know, terrible.

i haven't repented yet. i've now fleshed it into a bigger story. not that it's any better, but it's giving my brain a break from real stuff, you know? nothing like self-inserting into porn romantic weekend-in-paris fic to make you feel better.

so here's part 1. it's not finished yet, but it'll be fun to finish.

Part 1: )
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Title: Tourist in Others’ Reality
Prompt: Cues. 6-16-05. “Crippling circumstances” and/or any Dogs Die in Hot Cars lyrics. 30 mins for both. (lyric: but I’m just a nothing that doesn’t have a lot and I asked for your life but look at what I got)
Notes/Warnings: RPS (JA/JP unrequited). Rated PG.

If she really loves you more than me, maybe it's the best thing for you... but it's the worst that could happen to me. )

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