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ok, so i overslept this morning. grr. not a good start to my tuesday, i can assure you. especially as i had to be at work within half an hour of my waking up. not cool. though, of course, since i'm running late the only shoes i can find are some ill-fitting wedges that are not suitable for lab work. 4" =/= proper geek wear.

it's ok, though. i made it. for what it's worth. i get to work and, once again, MY DESK IS CRAWLING WITH ANTS, OMG. i back away slowly and make my boss kill them. my other!boss comes and taps out the keyboard WHERE THE ANTS ARE LIVING WTF and goes on a cleaning/killing spree. my nerves are DEAD now.

so i look at my hand and suddenly see like... hives or some shit. EEP! and in the smartest move of the day? i scratch and pop every little lump i find on my pinky finger. which is when i realize that it's not really hives, but contact dermatitis, and that i probably just opened myself up for an infected pinky finger. urr... yeah. real smart, honey.

so, it's been an hour and a half since i got to work, my nerves are absolutely shot, and i've got my hoodie on because it's the only comfort i'm getting this morning. i can't get warm, even though the air conditioner's not on and it's hot outside. my computer mouse DIED, and my touchpad's twitchy when i'm plugged up, so i'm having to fend for myself with shortcut keys and my alt + tab buttons. THERE ARE STILL ANTS ON MY FUCKING DESK because they're crawling up the motherfucking computer cables. my finger has fucking LEPROSY. and i may be on the verge of a nervous collapse. *dies*
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i had a long, drawn out post about how shitty today is/was. i don't feel like posting it anymore.

i accidentally deleted my response for the latest cues thing. because i don't really know if it would've fit (i didn't particularly have 2 separate scenes, so much as 5 glimpses and 1 hard look)... i don't know if i'm going to rewrite it or write something new. besides, it was depressive as heck.

everyone remember WLRS? new rock? yeah, not so much anymore. the walrus has become the home of pseudo new rock, but mostly cock rock. so i get my daily winchester driving dose, but it means i can't sing along to the stuff i know anymore either.
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i just quit my job.

gave my two weeks' notice.

he wants to talk about it. i don't. he thinks it's about today. it's not. it's about the culmination of 6 weeks of endless prattle, on top of nearly 2 years of the anxiety.

i tell him that i'm no longer the person he needs in the office. i like working here. but i'm no longer meeting his standards of work. that's my given reason. that's what i'm sticking to.

maybe next week i'll just call it an impulse based on cramps. today, it's made me feel a helluva lot better.
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i think now's as good a time as any to get my month in order (that is, the end of this month and all of september).

so. here's where i cut to a different scene. )
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*totally keels everyone who thought i was competent... including the dude who passed me in CIS 100 with jack shit knowlege in access*

microsoft access can kiss my ass. i hate it.

my boss better appreciate i just had a panic attack. over something that won't really help in the long run anyway. cause he's TECHNOLOGICALLY CHALLENGED. AND WE PROLLY DON'T EVEN HAVE ACCESS ON THOSE SHITE COMPUTERS.

*totally wishes i knew how to cuss in foreign languages*
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my tummy hurts. damn diabetic meds!!!! *shakes fist*

in other news, my andy emailed me. and i emailed back. and i went out with balthus today. i even looked cute. yay! however... i need pants. now. gah. i hate sitting at an open desk while wearing a skirt. it doesn't matter if no one's sitting in front of me. it's just... modesty. that's it.

my mom called me a southern girl today. i think she's right.

9 pm showing of X3 today!! yay for brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that being said, it's EXTRA melty outside today. ack.
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i am having a fucking terrible day.

to go along with my fucking awful week.

to go along with my terribly shitty life.


i mean. let's count from last friday.

friday: get stuck in house due to cruising. damn. no money, no getting to work, no fun. get a letter from john (which is a plus), but can't figure out what to say.

saturday: still stuck in house due to cruising. curses parents for living in the west end. still can't figure out what to say to john.

sunday: finally free. no one wants to hang out. and my sister's a bitch and wants me to help her go get drunk. yeah right. fuck you. try to have fun... have none. ignore the letter from john.

monday: wake up early for no purpose. go to work. get a verbal warning for not coming in to work, though i told everyone... the whole time... that it's out of my control. gah. am in too much of a bad mood to write.

tuesday: forget to turn in timesheet. shit. yet another warning to come. have gained weight and feel fat and sticky. shit. uncle's in the hospital.

wednesday: turn in time sheet after having run around all day. what do i have to show for it?? dirty clothes and nothing else. get an email from my advisor. apparently i'm suspended for a semester from uofl because of my grades. shit.

thursday: wake up to no car, the rain and an aching body. the email's still there. shit. find out cousin is extremely allergic to mangos, so when i offered to go over to her house yesterday, i should've. she'd passed out and was really really on the verge of dead. swear. still haven't written to john. have to catch tarc in the rain without an umbrella. feel sick at the stomach and really wanna kill my sister. i fucking hate today.

and then friday: still have to go to work. have to also talk to someone about appealing the kicking out of school... considering i'm too sick of a person to go without a doctor for a semester. will probably finally get the second warning. jumps off a bridge to end misery. the end.

i swear. my days are slowly getting the shitty. i need to take a day where no one's around and kill me. really. here's to next week and hoping it's better. jeez.

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this has got to be the most brilliant thing i've heard.

i got a verbal warning. for not getting my shift covered on friday. when i gave people almost three weeks worth of warning. and talking to my SCC manager over the course of two weeks.


yes, yes. i had a pass in my car. i realize that at any other time, that would have been enough. except... you know... there's this whole thing that they closed down broadway... AND MOVED ALL THE FUCKING CRUISERS TO MY STREET AND THE SURROUNDING STREETS.

i love how even if i do everything right... i still get screwed over.

so. i got a warning for not getting my shift covered. because there were a bunch of other people who just wanted to go gamble or whatever. and, sure. i could've left earlier. yeah... leave my house at 11 to get to work at 1... i'm sure the wasted gas of me sitting in cruising traffic and getting dirty looks from cops would have been covered in my 6 dollar an hour check. yeah. cause 24 dollars (minus tax) is such a good reason to waste gas on coming to work.


fuck y'all. i don't deserve that. legitimate reason and everything, bastards.


Apr. 19th, 2006 01:24 pm
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well. today is weird. among other things.

i've got the RP OF DOOM festering in Dani's soul. heh. and in my brain. i couldn't leave it alone, so i posted on it again. can't let it just sit there. (as for me getting on tonight, highly unlikely. there's a family discussion planned and then off to the gym. if i have a car...) i'd appreciate mary joining in at her leisure. but it'd be nice to get it over with.

then there's the fact that i haven't posted here in almost a week. apparently my life is dull.

i've got a thunder party to attend on saturday (dammit, my parents'll be there, so no hanging with catherine, though i may have to do some sneaky maneuvers on friday or sunday, depending on when she's here.). and a final test on monday for my diversity class... which takes everything as fair game. dammit. um... then it's work every day. yep. work work work. and a lunch date with mark. eventually.

i may end up on the tarc home today. my dad's working late. and my brother gets off at say... 10 tonight.


my water tastes like a grape blow pop. i hate grape.

i really have nothing to talk about save that i'm at work and i wish i wasn't. and i'll be on tarc this afternoon so i can get some rest. gah.
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my brother knows too many people for his own good. he just walked in to hand me the keys to the car (i'm working late, and must drive myself home), and suddenly he's saying hi to some girl he knows. he's such a pimp. in such a good way. not at *all* like the pimps that pimp. he's a good pimp. in that un-pimpy, pimp sort of way.

i'm so tired that made no sense and was very sensible at the same time. i'm such a retard. i've been staring at computer screens too long and i need to take a break. that's why i'm typing with my eyes closed. don't believe me? too bad. i am. or was. at least the majority of that paragraph was by memory/touch/whatever.

my phone has zero reception down here. grr...

and the guy next to me just gave an evil cackle. i don't *even* wanna know what that was about.

so. i get paid tomorrow. wOOt! that rocks. and i pay lacey back for the coffee and lunch on monday. when i'll endeavor to eat lunch with her again. if i can. maybe. but even if all else fails, i'll pay her back before she goes to class. or before i go to class. before we get done with the day. yep. i'll pay her then. all that being said, the mocha today was lovely, even if it was cold. and i'll have to get it more often... once i get money flow even. i'll prolly end up with all kinds of worries about money once i get paid. i have the feeling my check'll be like... no money whatsoever. *calculates* 6*20.5 is... 135. minus tax... somewhere around 100 or less?? grr... maybe more (i hope.).... so if i put 50 away, i'll have just enough money to fill the gas tank and then go play laser tag/go to a movie/go out to dinner... or whatever it is that i'm supposed to be doing.

and today i just worked extra hours. hee hee. like... 4 extra hours. or 3. something like that. that'll look nice in two/three/god knows how many weeks from now.

my brain just went fizzle. there's no way that i'll actually be able to focus when i get a real job. and i know they'll ban livejournal. they'll do it and i won't be happy in the least. cause that means that i'm wasting company time and they'll fire me (they would have if i'd stayed on with strand. thank god i quit before the 6 month probationary period. they'd've fired me for sure. though i will say that i did help strengthen their proxy. too many slash sites and ways around the email and yep... all that. ok. closing the parenthesis... now). it might be nice to do, in the long run. if i do get around to being a real french translator (what's the difference in being an interpretor and a translator, i wonder?}, maybe i'll work for myself and be better equipped to do my job that way.

i wish i wasn't so dependent on the net. all i do is sit at work and typetypetypetype on the net. and i only go to like... 4 sites (myspace, facebook, netmail, gmail, yahoomail, livejournal, bebo, blackboard... ok... so more like 8, but you get the picture). i check my mail, i check LJ, i check happenings for my classes and job (that's blackboard)... and that's it. i can do that in like 20 minutes. and i sit at a computer for far far FAR longer than that. no wonder my eye is twitchy. grrr... i'm such a dork. (quit with the self-deprecation. no one buys it.)

as for all else... i have nothing to talk about. i'm to the doctor tomorrow, then picking up my check (picking up?? yeah... after), then seeing what's up for the family. it might be nice to do something together. even if devon's being a bastard on all counts and my parents are trying to figure out if i'm seriously dropping out of school or not. (i'm not. there's no way around the need for a bachelor's degree in something. no place i've looked is hiring someone with my lack of experience. and i'm not not NOT doing manual labor. this girl was made for an easier job.)

though, if i did take off, i'd certainly have more time for NaNoWriMo. not that that makes any difference. i'm stuck on novels. i'm deleting half of them, as soon as i get the payment situation worked out with freeservers.

i have a hole in the side of my middle finger. ow. i need to stop biting my nails and get a grip. why can't my hands look pretty?? my fingers are all fat and short and my nails always chip if they don't get bitten. and i've got burn marks from my rings and *whines*.

hahahahah.... saturday i played boggle and the word i ended up getting that no one else had was KEEL. and all i could think of was 'i keel you!' from many journals here. i forgot it was the bottom of a boat. hahahahahahah.... ha. *wipes eyes*

this message has been brought to you by Starbucks Coffee! get your high of the day and be hyper hyper hyper as long as you can. (starbucks did not endorse this message, nor does it endorse getting high. if you have addiction problems, starbucks urges you to seek help somewhere. it does not endorse any particular institution, but feel free to ask their many caffeine-addicted employees where they get their substance abuse counseling.)

[edit: oh my god. i just filled in my tags for this entry. it read like a really choppy sentence. "bored, work random, tired today." or something. *is far too easily amused*]
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and everyone is now just looking at me going... what the hell happened to you??

i'm exhausted.

my eyebrow itches. and i'm at work. and i hate being at work when i'm dead sure that there's only been one person to walk in that wasn't me, or the guy who's working with me.

arg. i'm too tired for this.

i brought a disk of stuff, so you may see a bunch of stuff going up...

my website is suspended. hahah.... a case of i didn't pay a bill because i no longer have a credit card. i should probably call on my lunch break. tell them that i'm sorry, but i didn't know they were going to keep charging. which is true, dumb as it sounds. and i could probably also tell them that i've been jobless and cashless since that first time i paid them, so now that i have a job again, why don't they wait a bit and i'll pay in april. or something. because i'll have funds by then.

i don't even know how much it was. like three bucks or something. maybe 23. fifty cents a week? i didn't start getting traffic til last august. man.

i had chocolate ten minutes ago. i can still taste it and it's making me wish i could eat in here. or that i had some people on campus that want to bring a ball and we can play some game that involves sitting on desks. or something. the guy i'm working with is boring.

which isn't fair to say at all because i know that i only just met him (like, for real met him as opposed to sitting a desk away yesterday) today.

i feel guilty now.

no one's online. pooh. sucks to be awake at this hour of the morning. i could really use coffee and a nap, or maybe just the nap. the storms that blew through last night had me sleeping soundly. i even woke up, rested for five minutes and startled myself awake with an alarm i knew was going off after shutting my eyes for two minutes. gah. mornings are not my strong suit. or my next to strong suit. in fact, they're my weakest suit and i don't know how many times i just fixed the words "fackt" "their" "there" "weekest" "weexest" "fixer" and everything in between.

i am tired. and this post has been pointless. i'm in the lab in the basement of business school until 2 today. at which point i will be tired and hungry and ready to go home. then, after i do, i get my grandmother to come back out here to update her alumni card. and go to the gym (or not). and at 5:30, i come right back again to play volleyball, given that my brother wants to do something really really really badly.

blah. i'm tired still. somebody needs to wake up and get online with me.
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i almost get employed! and they want full time and i don't think i could do that. that means dropping out.


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