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Sophie/Daniel, unknown timeline

on the roof, beneath the stars )
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life @ 23
Chapter 4: 21, Part I

so we hold on tight, split a cab, and call each other up when we get home.... falling asleep to the sounds of silence )
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life @ 23
Chapter 3: 20

long, sophie to daniel )

brief, daniel to sophie )

late night, sophie to daniel )short, sophie to daniel )
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Title: a king ain’t a king...
Author: riyoamaya, wellowned, shadows_of…. Me, in all my incarnations.
Prompt: OFF #18: “I can’t stop you. I haven’t the power, and moreover, I haven’t the right.”
Notes: WC-517. Days late-1. Current project known as life @ 23. Catch more of it on my website (http://www.drowning-ophelia.4t.com). This is pre-proposal, post-friendship. I think this is Age 23, Part 1. Title and cut text is from "It Takes Two" from Hairspray.
a prince is just a pauper without a chick to call his own... )
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a year of maybe... and not really... )

ok. so here's how life @ 23 is laid out. chapters 1 and 2 is year 19. chapter 3 is year 20. chapters 4 and 5 are 21. chapter 6 is 22. chapters 7 and 8 are 23.

20 and 22 are epistolary chapters, consisting of letters, emails, chats, and journal entries... mostly from Sophie's perspective, but including some from others.

THERE WILL ONLY BE 8 CHAPTERS. and maybe (i mean *maybe*) an epilogue, depending on how much i adore these characters, yeah? i dunno the way i want their afterlife to be (no, not afterlife as in after life is death. more like after single life is marriage.), so that's a decision for later.

though, someone should help me round my Daniel out so he's not perfect man, and he deserves to be a full character, not a cardboard cut out.
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Title: Striking Major and Minor Chords
Author: you know who, aka me.
Prompt: “yes I said yes I will Yes.” Joyce. In 1 hr. 7/20/05. I fiddled around and did a bunch of random research, so it went over. Seriously.
Notes: Sophie and Daniel! Which means this is a piece of life @ 23… though I swear I may never get the middle done. This is near the end of the thing, anyway. No warnings, except that the story-in-the-story is kinda… screwy. And I so ran out of time.

Oh. If you want to read more about Sophie and Daniel, there's some in her story here at my site, either under life @ 23 or in any of the other short stories I've written (mostly cues challenges).
our thoughts compressed, which makes us blest. )

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