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Chapter Seven: in which her mission is carried out )
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Chapter 5:
in which she receives her assignment regarding an assassination )
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Chapter 4:
the exhibition fight )
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Chapter 3:
inspections, and news of an exhibition fight for the Noi )
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Chapter 2:
morning, in the life of an assassin )
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Chapter 1:
introduction to slave life )
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OFF Prompt: 20. It was a typical morning: cornflakes, coffee, lurid stories in the paper, and the dull ache of loneliness every time he saw the empty chair across the table.
Title: juxtaposition (perpendicular bodies)
Author: riyo amaya/ ambrose brighty/ me
Rating: PG
Notes: WC- 575. Days late- 15? More slave!assassin ‘verse. This one focuses more on the relationship between Dannaii and Our Unnamed Assassiness.

you was right there all along )
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i'm getting so wrapped up in this fic that i can't even focus, dammit! i'm sekritly looking up how to be an assassin. and how to train a slave. and there's like... NO PORN IN IT WHATSOEVER. how is this possible??? i'm like... one of those cheesy PPV stations--all porn, all the time. this is weird. and what's worse is there's not even any slash. *is all woe* no slash?!?! the box, she is broken out of and trashed totally.

but yes, i should be focusing on like... anything else. like this presentation i have to give. or my essay on why i should be allowed to drop that pas art history class. again. cause. yeah. i suck. didn't go after a coupla times and just... sheesh. just missed the drop deadline. WHY?

i just. i need rest. i don't need to have the trip to england popping up right now when i'm working 2 jobs and going to school fulltime and I DON'T THINK I CAN TAKE THIS. *has a breakdown* *sniff*

i just. yeah.

so. to be helpful.... here's a snippet. introducing the... billan? no, villain, with a v. bill--. vill. Villain. veeeelan? )
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i'm not giving up! i'm working on that slave!assassin verse more than you know.

i've gotta modify what i'm finding mostly, though. cause, i mean, while it's all well and good to find out how to train a woman to be a BDSM slave, replete with the sex and the nekkidness and... fetishiness... what i was looking for was not so much there (though that did have some pretty interesting stuff on training, behavior modification, goals and attitudes and some very good basic slave rules... even if i had to delete half for not being what i was looking for). what i was looking for, i found without realizing how close to real life my novel is.

well, real life being historical Islam, but there you go.

cause, heh, without me knowing it, did you know that a lot of islam's armies were made of slaves? and they gathered them young and impressionable, and trained them to be warriors. and they fought alongside their masters in battle and i had no clue, but this made me giggle and be confused as to just how my brain is actually connected.

so now i have notes on how the system of military slaves worked in times past, along with a how-to manual on being an assassin. if anyone's reading this and being weirded out, listen close. I HAVE NO DESIRE TO BE AN ASSASSIN. I AM RESEARCHING AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE OF MY OWN CREATION. I'M NEUTRAL IN POLITICS. as long as that's clear, we're hunky-dory. but, hey, i'm just trying to figure out the mindset so i can tweak as needed and understand why my girl is the way she is.

i'm also breaking one of the first laws i ever learned about creating worlds. in that i'm not really creating it. i'm not fleshing it out right now. i'm just researching the girl. and i'm letting it all develop on its own. i think, should i decide to run with this for nanowrimo, i may actually go through the trouble of building the world, based on what i've already written. (and may i say that it's a shame i can't use the first story i wrote as the introduction. because nothing says 'this book is a must have' quite like a tiny woman stabbing a man to death within 500 words.

heh, speaking of not fleshing out, i also have no intention of giving my girl any more description than what i've got--exotic coloring, tiny, damaged tongue (i'm saying an accident with a tongue piercing, sometime early in her training), hair that's knotted over one shoulder so that when she bows it brushes the floor (also a good handhold, so it's an order from the Noi). haven't quite decided if the guys have them too (the knots in the hair) or if it's different for them (satedan dreadlocks, anyone?)... all i know is it's not Gor. she was threatened with life as a 'pleasure slave'... though that'd be more like rape and just being a sperm receptacle. sickening. but it's not that that is shaping her. it's the killing. the killing is what's most important here.

and here i was trying to be less violent in my life. maybe this is it? get my literary violence on, and dump the oversexed chick flick stories, and maybe i'll be calmer....

yeah. this is something i gotta see.

i'd give ya a snippet, but right now, i don't think i want to. i'm trying to figure her training, and i've yet to read up on being an assassin, so i don't think i'd get it right. maybe i'll write about her tongue damage instead. bear with me people.
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written around 11:40 pm on the 30th of last month.
no prompt.

crossed wires? )
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[livejournal.com profile] originalficfest prompt: 25. "What will you do when you've taken everything, and there's nothing left of me?"
Title: a cup of tea
Author: [livejournal.com profile] wellowned or [livejournal.com profile] shadows_of
Rating: PG
Warnings/Notes: slave!fic. part of the new slave-assassin verse. 565 words. also because [livejournal.com profile] thefragyle asked for my assassin to have a close moment with a friend. it was supposed to be nicer, but i'm not feeling it right now.

bleach the green from the pastures, feast on the grey of the night )
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originalficfest prompt-- 21. It would have been easier to lie and say that she knew nothing.
Title: the birdcatcher
Author: [livejournal.com profile] wellowned or [livejournal.com profile] shadows_of
Rating: PG-13, but only for the violence at the end, I guess.
Warnings/Notes: slave!fic. 523 words. The mix is longer than the actual fic, so I'm pretty sure you can pick 1 or 2 and enjoy that way. I suggest Echelon and Captured. Or, for the beauty of the song, Un Giorno Per Noi.

Summertime, Nina Simone
Echelon, 30 Seconds to Mars
Un Giorno Per Noi, Josh Groban
Captured, Bic Runga
Knife, Grizzly Bear

god only knows where this came from.... )

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