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what a time for me to go out sick. i actually have zero motivation to do my homework right now.

what do i have to do??
  1. essai universitaire-- my POV on my french studies, and my journey thus far. due nowish.
  2. essai professionel-- how french fits into my future plans... which would be awesome. if i had future plans that were any kind of set in stone. due nowish.
  3. 10 minute cours grammaire-- if-then clauses in french. to be taught to my classmates en francais on tuesday. :(
  4. essay on some scholarly article vs. cortes or dracula. real men, real history. have no idea of the due date, and am trying *not* to contemplate this paper yet. it's probably due tuesday, just for that.
  5. about two weeks of work in intro to theatre. woops. due this weekend, what with it being online. which apparently includes writing a play?? DAMMIT.
  6. reading 2 chapters in my linguistic/translation book. which will kill my brain on principle, i think, just cause i really can't stand linguistics anymore.
  7. at least 5K on the Torchwood BB;
  8. at least 4K on the SPN BB.
  9. email Mme Randolph about shadowing her over spring break and teaching a class at the end of that week... um. yeah. D: as well as convey my sympathies about the earthquake in Port au Prince in case she has any family there still.
  10. speaking of stuff to buy, buy my ticket for the play next week and prep for the subsequent paper;
  11. pay for my 2 CLEP tests that'll help me graduate.
  12. send in course substitution papers.
  13. set up appt with Pfeffer about graduation tracking.

i know there's other stuff, but i can't think of it now. which blows. because i probably have forgotten about the rest of the important things.

but you see what i'm doing?? i'm procrastinating on LJ instead of working on *any* of it. the only thing close to done is the cours grammaire, and that's cause i spent all day yesterday piddling about with it. i still have to come up with better "exercises" to work on... but for now, i can't be bothered.

fuck homework. :(

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