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let's just be clear on my to-do list.

the list o' doom )

and that?? that's just for this week and next. this stuff has to be done pretty much almost immediately. not all of it, of course. just like... 95% of it. *handface* and, whether i like it or not, this weekend is also the weekend of MASSIVE CLEAN because we're having guests next week at the house and it's gotta be presentable. and by it, i mean we. unhappy with this course of events, but can't fix it. must must must buckle down and do some work.
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i had a long, drawn out post about how shitty today is/was. i don't feel like posting it anymore.

i accidentally deleted my response for the latest cues thing. because i don't really know if it would've fit (i didn't particularly have 2 separate scenes, so much as 5 glimpses and 1 hard look)... i don't know if i'm going to rewrite it or write something new. besides, it was depressive as heck.

everyone remember WLRS? new rock? yeah, not so much anymore. the walrus has become the home of pseudo new rock, but mostly cock rock. so i get my daily winchester driving dose, but it means i can't sing along to the stuff i know anymore either.
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i think now's as good a time as any to get my month in order (that is, the end of this month and all of september).

so. here's where i cut to a different scene. )
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you know, it's rough when you're trying to update a handful of characters, work, hold an im conversation, hold a real conversation and try to remember what you've got to do... all at once.

me =/= multitasker.

i'm off work tomorrow (yay! except, bad. no paycheck). and i got a credit card (yay! finally fix the billing info on my website). and i'm at work wednesday (not quite so yay, minus the really good paycheck, cause he's nice... but kinda psycho). and then i'm off to evansville for a JW convention (not nearly as yay as it should be, considering my sister will be going too. i should be happier, but she's still on my shit list).

i'm a mite hungry. i need more substantial lunches, dammit.

i'm sleepy. and nix is doing bad things in my head. well... not bad, per se. more like trying to get me to help him choose how to say F*&% Me! without saying that he's desperate for sex. hahahah... this is a situation i'm so so soooo not used to, to say the least.

anywho, i'm off work in half an hour. and i'll go home and eat dinner. and i'll mourn the lack of dating/sexual/marital/whatever knowledge that leaves me at a loss with nix/shay.

oh!! that reminds me. i've gotta put something up on ksadiscuss... sheesh.
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yesterday was crazy. i did nothing. well, i drove out to my cousin's, picked her up, went to the mall, it was closing up, went to best buy and gawked at electronics for half an hour, and then spent two hours chitchatting in mcdonalds over a double cheeseburger and a side salad.

before that, went ice skating on friday and to see memoirs of a geisha on saturday. not boring a weekend, but kinda slow.

school today. i have three classes over the course of 9 hours. this should be fun. will see lacey around lunchtime. hmmm...

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