Oct. 30th, 2008

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so after watching Ten Inch Hero.... all i have to say is HOLY SHIT, BAT-JENSEN.

in case there's spoilerphobes... or something )

but enough on jensen. :)

it was cute. very tidy, very happy endings all around. it's like... Friends meets Father of the Bride or something. cutesy.

i give it an 8 out of 10. i wasn't squicked until the very end. and it was tidy. no scares, no embarrassments for me... but so sugary sweet, i nearly went into a diabetic coma.
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alright. registered for classes! yay!!

that being said. um. SCHOOL. i love love love two year plans.

Fall 08 (current)
SOC 202 Social Problems C+
ENGL 305 Poetry Workshop A
PHYS 107/108 Astronomy and Lab Lab= A Class= B-
FREN 323 Business French C+
Credits: 13

Spring 09 (registered)
FREN 332 France Today B-
ENGL 372 Epigrams & Epics, Fragments & Book-Lengths: Poetry at the Extreme B+
LING 325 Intro to Linguistics
PAS 301 Mental Health in Black America
Credits: 12

Summer 09 (Plan B in Parenthesis)
TA 207 Enjoyment of Theatre
FREN 551 Montpellier Work Exchange {insert other 500 level here, as Poland takes precedence}
HUM 325 Survey of Modern Film and Culture***
Credits: 9

Fall 09 (Plan B in Parenthesis)
ENGL 305 Short Fiction Workshop (HUM 327 Minorities and Movies)
FREN 331 French Civ
FREN 455 Reading in French
HUM 591 Perspectives on Ancient Culture** (FREN 523 Advance Communication Skills)*
Credits: 12

Spring 10 (Plan B in Parenthesis)
FREN 590 Senior Capstone
FREN 524 Theory and Practice of Translation
HUM 326 Studies in Film and Culture (HUM 305 American Culture)
FREN 523 Advance Communication Skills (HUM 591 Perspectives on Ancient Culture**)
Credits: 12 (12)

Total: 122, enough to graduate. YEAH.

* i've yet to find out whether my going to Montpellier (which, according to dude over the program, is pretty much in the bag for me) will count as 1, 2 or 3 classes. because, hey, it'll be 552. but the website about the program says it could count for 523 and 524 (instead?). so. either i'll take it as my 500 level elective, and take 523 and 524 later on, or take it as 523/524 and take my elective later on. either way, i've got it made. so the study abroad is 551 and/or 552. i'll still have to take 523 and 524 separately.
** instead of 591, i can take anything between that and 596, all of which discuss cultural perspectives along the stream of time into the future. modern may be best, after all.

all this is really just for my own benefit. to show me that my schedule is MANAGEABLE for the next... well, year and a half.

and thankfully, my french professor this semester? is my professor next semester, and one of the heads over study abroad. so. AWESOME. hopefully i'll get money from the study abroad people, from the modern language fund and be accepted so i can have a month in montpellier, sunning by the mediterranean and working in a french business. SO FREAKING AWESOME. THIS ALMOST BEATS JENSEN-IN-A-KILT *AND* JENSEN-AS-CLEAN!PRIESTLY. ALMOST.

this would mean the fucking world to me, y'all.

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