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Nov. 23rd, 2005 07:00 pm
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yep. i'd say that blows. absolutely.

it's now seven pm. which means the likelihood of me going to see the play... IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!! fuck.

double fuck. i really don't like that i can't even see my friends, let alone see a frikkin play. i hug my dad and go "dad, can me and webbie go see a play?" "no," *said with disgust and dismissal* says my dad.


i guess this means write a letter to dani and send the cd that way. and hope for a chance to see you all over winter break. or something.

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so last night, my house was the armageddon house. church got cancelled (not like i could've gone anywhere anyway and i almost just typed anywhere as 'anywhore') and the storm was blowing and suddenly my cousin chuck and his son keshawn and my cousin carlotta came to stay the night (cause they were scared of the storm. i mean, man... she's 23 and he's gotta be 30, and yes his son's almost 4, but man...) and then my cousin stacy and her girls (which was the strangest thing ever!) came over because they don't have a phone and didn't know church was cancelled.

and you know what i did? i cooked and burned the shit outta my wrist (ha... i pulled a lacey) because of popping cooking oil. and then we didn't have enough food for everyone. and i lent my phone to my dad (he doesn't have his now. he lost it) so i couldn't call anyone i knew. and i bowled on my computer and got a 157 once everyone left. my night was shit.

so... now, i woke up maybe two hours ago and i'm so freakin tired i don't know what to do and all i'm doing is reading slash because yeah... that's what happens when you stay at home and wake up late. grr.

and yes. the computer screen is going all wonky in front of me. fading in and out. that is so not good. not in the least.

lacey, i'm glad you and kate had a nice night last night. hope your foot gets better.

catherine, i'm sorry your roomate(s) is/are being such a jerk to you. i wish i could make it all better for you.

as for all else... miss you all loads. today has to be the shittiest day for me. hope it's not that way for you.

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